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C Program for 2D Reflection

Output :-

How to add mailchimp to gatsbyjs ?

This article show how you can add mailchimp to your gatsbyjs project. First install mailchimp package using npm to gatsby project. Add following config object to your gatsby-config.js Login to mailchimp account. Then look for Audience > Embedded Forms. Click on Select Grab url in form action https…

How to create a youtube thumbnail downloader?

Demo :- Following article shows how you can create youtube thumbnail downloader. For this project we are going to use Nextjs and tailwind css. First we are going to create nextjs with tailwind css. You can use following command. This command will…

Creating a new django app and installing dependencies

This section is part of series Building REST API with Python & Django. Now we’re going to create a new Django project and app for our student information API. First We’re gonna do this using the Django admin command line tool. Now we can use the Django admin command by django-admin startproject…

How to create django app and upload to github

This article is 1st part of Building REST API with Python & Django series. So lets get started. Prerequisite is python and git must be installed on your system. First we will create/set workspace for our project. we are going to start with creating folder/directory where you want to save project…

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